New Location for the Boone Trail Isshinryu dojo of Mike Taylor



The location is more accessible to the main street in Middlesboro Ky.  Brandon Baird and I went to see the new dojo.  This was the second workout in the new facility.  I loved it.  The double padded floors, the ring ropes the atmosphere.  Everything was positive about the place.  Mike the always-gracious host, welcomed us at the door. 


We had the pleasure of working out with a couple of our favorite students of Sensei Taylor’s: John Epperson and Lacy Hall both excellent students.  I went through the entire Isshinryu system of basics, kata and weapons with very little pause to get new weapons between the 3 bo kata, 3 sai kata, 2 tuifa and the Bo/Bo and Bo/Sai kumites. 


One of my top students and advisors, Brandon Baird along with Mr. Taylor reviewed the forms and gave feedback on the things I needed to place more focus.  I came away feeling confident that with work, I could easily prepare for the test that my Sensei had requested I take this year in Florida.  With good hard work, and the support of such great talented martial artist like Brandon, Mike and all the instructors and students in our group, I feel I have a greatest group of people supporting me.


We then discussed different aspects of bo bunkai, kata bunkai from the ground and reviewed my old documents, books videos in Mr. Taylor’s vast collection.  All in all it was a great day of training for everyone in attendance.  Jon Epperson and I both came away with slight injuries.  His neck was re-aggravated after ground fighting with Sensei Baird for an hour or two.  My felt groin muscle got pulled while grappling with John.  However, as all good Isshirnyu karateka, we were up and going right thru the Mexican Food at the restaurant that Mr. Taylor treated everyone to after the workout.  I cannot wait for his tournament coming up soon.  Hope to see you all there.


The wonderful working relationship we have with the Lewis school of Isshinryu, The Halls Dojo, the Smokey Mountain Isshinryu School and the Boone trail dojo along with my students at the Hombu dojo in my home in Clinton, TN, we have some of the best working karateka in the state of TN.   With the Grace group and the addition of Mr. Jim Alley sharing his vast knowledge and skill, we continue to grow the family and friends in the right direction.  I hope to see all of you at Sensei Taylor’s event Oct. 2nd.  In addition, the seminar in November 6th showing all the talent we have in our family of Dojos.  It is seminars like these where I learned all the skills that took me beyond the dojo into deeper understanding of my art, ISSHINRYU.

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